I first started working with Andy in January 2014. It was Andy’s passion on fitness and nutrition, plus his positive mind and knowledge that made me want to work with him as my nutrition coach. I had two shows booked in at the back end of 2014 so Andy knew straight away how serious I was about training and nutrition.

The support he has given me has been top class, weekly check ins, motivation phone calls, txt messages asking how I am, how training went and that’s only a few examples. When someone gives you that amount of time/effort it motivates you even more to achieve your goal and Andy is great for that.

He is now preparing me for my next shows and I can’t wait to see what we can bring to the stage this year. Josh Baldwin

I have been working with Andy now for 6 years .I originally started training with Andy to help me achieve my goal by losing weight for the My Big day !

Within a year I lost 2 stone !! NO diet just training…
After the wedding I knew I could not give up my personal training, Andy is not just my trainer but has become a great friend.

Andy will tailor the training and diet to your personal needs and health, I struggle with a bad back and Andy knows exactly what to do to support and strengthen the back .
I feel great and 6 years on I’ve managed to sustain the same weight as I achieved on my wedding day, I know I could not have done this without him, he’s a great coach. Linda Summerfield

Andy worked with me during and after both of my pregnancies, and I was back to my original toned body within 3 months after both babies! His professionalism and care towards his clients is second to none, and his dedication to your training really encourages you to reach all your goals. Nikki Kent

I have been working with Andy for a couple of years now and he’s amazing! He always listens to what I want to improve on or change and has given me some great advice & useful food plans.  I think what makes him the best trainer is that he is really motivational and can tell when your slacking and knows how to build you up! I can’t recommend him enough – I don’t know what I’d do without him (probably be very overweight!). Sarah-Jane Malins

As a yo-yo dieter that has tried near on every kind of diet out there (including all the fads!), Andy was recommended to me after I was diagnosed with Polysistic Ovaries and getting fatter by the day!

I thought I was ‘being good,’ cutting out sugar and carbs but seeing no results at all, I had almost resigned myself to the fact that now I had this condition I was going to just get bigger and it was impossible to lose the weight, until Andy told me otherwise.

I saw Andy for a consultation and I can’t tell you how inspired and confident I felt when I walked out, he made me see that I needed to do this for my health and the weight loss was a bonus, as much as I knew that, having someone to talk to about it made it ‘click’ and my outlook on the ‘diet’ started to change.

So after a week of tracking, Andy sent over a few example meal plans to get me started…

Day 1 – Burger and Chips – What?! Seriously?! There is no way I can eat this and lose weight surely?

“Trust me” he said.

So I rolled with it, for the first time ever I was struggling to eat enough and the weight started coming off.
I was worried that too much socialising may hinder my progress too, but Andy reassured me that it would be fine if we plan for it. Ok this sounds too good to be true!

12 weeks later, after quite a few nights out and still having the occasional cheeky takeaway, I have lost nearly 2 stone. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, I feel in control, I enjoy what I eat way more than before and I am happy.

What’s the difference… Andy cares, he is so supportive and encouraging and I can’t thank him enough for his guidance. I can’t wait to smash the next 2 stone together! Charley Stanfield

When I started my fitness journey last year I went on the typical road most new gym users go through – trawling the internet for hours on end looking how to get big quickly, supplements I need to take and endlessly watching YouTube videos hoping that one would give me the secrets I so desperately wanted.

Thankfully I met Andy and was shown the light, he cut through all the rubbish and went on to show me how simple it really is without even needing any of this 30 day ab challenge of endless amount of fad diets that magazines try to sell you. He cuts right down to the core and explains every little thing down to the smallest of details. This is what really cuts Andy away from the crowd is his ability to simplify the most complex issues and make them so easy, making a long term goal not daunting but exciting and gives you the motivation to which many of us find so hard to come by.

Ultimately Andy has to be the most honest, understanding coach I’ve ever met, not only does he have an amazing knowledge for his profession when it comes to training and nutrition, but also has the support skills to motivate and encourage. I couldn’t have found a better coach and mentor and now a valued friend to help me achieve the things I have and I owe him a huge amount of gratitude for everything he has done. Jack Tyte

After working with Andy for PT and advice in the past, when I got engaged and started planning my wedding, I didn’t hesitate to contact him to help get me the best shape for my big day.

I was going to the gym regularly but struggled to understand how to balance what I was eating with how much I was exercising. The main focus obviously was like any bride, I wasn’t happy with looking ‘ok’ and wanted to look like the best version of me. I was really eager to get going but Andy was good at managing my excitement, and gave a realistic time frame to work towards. We created a plan that enabled me to be in the gym regularly like I loved, but also meal plans to sustain the exercise I was doing. There is nothing you cant ask him, and he was there on the phone when ever I needed it.

Through a time when all the stresses of planning a wedding could have tipped me over the edge, he couldn’t have been more supportive! He is a great example of how being a ‘coach’ is more than just fitness & nutrition advice, but dealing with all the emotions that come with it. He has taught me so much in the time that I have worked with him, and his knowledge & experience has been the best education for me to understand how to reach my goals. Without realising it I found myself getting stronger & leaner and couldn’t have been happier with the results. If you can get a chance to get a piece of him you won’t look back, he’s addictive! Sarah Mackness

I can’t recommend Andy highly enough. He is a consummate professional with a clear passion for his work.

His mantra of ‘keeping it simple’ and the fact that he really works with you to understand your personal goals, motivations and lifestyle influences translates to truly bespoke programs that produce amazing results.

The individual focus he gives enables you to find what really works for you ultimately coaching you to make naturally healthy choices that deliver improved performance, increased energy and sustained results.

Working with Andy has made a significant difference to me across the board – I am leaner, stronger, faster and really understand how and where to focus my efforts to make every training session count. Hayley Briggs

I have been working with Andy for a while now; I am totally confident in his abilities and trust him completely to provide the best training and nutrition advice for me.  I have had a few joint problems along the way (mostly due to my advancing years, I am 56 this Birthday!), and Andy has always managed to tailor my training around these issues, but most importantly, he makes training fun!  I could not recommend him highly enough. Lorraine Wells