Muscle Gain Programme

“Gaining size and putting on lean muscle mass”

Works well for: individuals with 1-2 years of gym experience who have stagnated in their progress.

8 week package £249* (including consultation)

*additional +4 week extension programme @£100

Previous Training Analysis

I assess your current training regime and previous experience to help establish the best plan moving forward.


Customised Resistance Training Plans

Providing a list of exercises designed to wok the muscle you want to focus on. These include sets, reps, rest periods, technique pointers and built in progressions.

Customised Cardio Training Plans

Based on your goals and personal preference. These plans will incorporate longer duration steady paced endurance and/or shorter bouts of high intensity intervals.

Nutrition Advice

I’ll outline a nutrition strategy that supports your training. This ensures the time you spend in the gym ultimately leads to muscle gain.

Ongoing Plan Adjustments

A weekly e-mail check-in where we assess the training sessions, dietary adherence and how you’re feeling. I can tweak the plan accordingly to ensure consistent progress.

24hr E-mail Response Time

Whether it’s a query about an exercise, advice on training programming, or optimising recovery – I’m there to support you every step of the way.

1 x 30m Phone / Skype Consultation (every 4 weeks)

We evaluate the progress together – reinforcing elements that are working well and identify areas that need tweaking. I can then adjust the plan based on your feedback, goals and expectations.