Complete Body Transformation

“Gain muscle, reduce body fat, improve fitness”

Works well for: individuals with serious physique goals e.g. stepping on stage, prepping for a photo-shoot

8 week package £369* (including consultation)

*additional +4 week extension programme @£160

Food Diary Analysis

I evaluate your typical eating habits to establish what you’re doing well and make realistic recommendations of how you can improve.


Customised Meal Plans

Provide an eating framework based around your preferences – whether that’s 3 x big meals or eating little and often. Having a plan ensures the diet is easy to follow – especially in the early stages.

Customised Shopping List

Made up of 3 different types of food item.

  • Healthy => Provide maximum energy
  • Convenient => Fit seamlessly into your lifestyle
  • Enjoyable => Because no one wants to eat food they hate!

Training Advice

I’ll propose realistic goals based on the time you can commit to exercise. Incorporating your preferences – whether that’s gym, classes, playing sport or home workouts.

Macronutrient Targets

Ensuring a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet. Helping you fuel training sessions, recover between workouts and maximise fat loss.

Previous Training Analysis

Establish your experience, strengths, weaknesses and where to best focus your attention

Customised Resistance Training Plans

Exercises, sets, reps, rest periods and built in progressions.

Supplement Recommendations

I’ll provide you a list of evidence based products. Supplementation can help ‘fill in the gaps’ in your diet and optimise results.

Ongoing Training Plan Adjustments

A weekly e-mail check-in where we look at scale weight. training performance and how you’re feeling. I can tweak the plan accordingly to ensure consistent progress.

24hr E-mail Response Time

Whether it’s a simple question about a food, advice on a restaurant menu, or you find yourself struggling – I’m there to support you every step of the way.

1 x 30m Phone / Skype Consultation (every 4 weeks)

We evaluate the progress together – reinforcing elements that are working well and identify areas that need tweaking. I can then adjust the plan based on your feedback, goals and expectations.