Recommended Websites

These links are sites that I feel provide evidence based content and/or have a practical application. Finding reliable sources of information can be notoriously difficult online, these are a good place to start.

The homepage currently states: “ is an independent organisation that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition. Over one million people visit us every month”

In a supplement industry filled with ‘magic pills’ and bold claims promising incredible results. The reality is more akin to pointless pills, unsubstantiated claims resulting in weight-loss via a lightening of your wallet!

The team at Examine spend countless hours trawling through the scientific literature to bring an unbiased (and in my opinion unrivaled) source for supplements and nutrition. The fact the site is not affiliated with any supplement company speaks volumes.

The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition: “Focuses on the acute and chronic effects of sports nutrition and supplementation strategies on body composition, physical performance and metabolism.”

Jose Antonio PhD and the team at the JISSN provide open access articles aimed at researchers and sports enthusiasts alike. An excellent resource for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of sports nutrition and delve into the science of the process.

The position stands and related articles involving nutrient timing, creatine, protein consumption are all highlights that can benefit the full spectrum of individuals from elite athletes to regularr gym goers.

Perhaps my most recommended website to clients, friends and just about anyone else who’ll listen! Put simply MFP is a calorie counting device with a huge database of foods to choose from.

I do not believe calorie counting is essential but i do believe in educating clients’ about the relative quality and quantity of their diet. MFP provides an easy and accessible (via mobile app) tool to track caloric intake over a given period.

I have clients that track for 2-weeks, I have one client who hasn’t missed a days’ tracking for 18months (and counting…). As ever the use of a tool like MFP should be contextual. I do believe as an initial starting point for any diet this website is definitely worth a look.