Case Study

Josh Baldwin


Why is nutrition and training important to you?

For me these two are a must for anyone looking to achieve certain goals. Having good balanced nutrition will allow you to perform better in the gym which will then mean one thing RESULTS.


The biggest struggle you have with your training and nutrition?

I love getting in the gym and training and love my food so this is a difficult one to answer. It can sometimes be hard when calories are lower then usual as I get hungry and sometimes get cravings but then that’s all part of the process when prepping for a show, if I do have these thoughts I just think about my goals and what I WILL achieve in the future and these cravings go straight away.


How has the nutrition coaching benefitted your results?

It has helped me massively, it’s great to let someone else deal with your nutrition it kind of takes the pressure off you. Also I have ambitions of being a nutrition coach one day so it’s great for me that I get to work with Andy, I have learnt so much from him over the past 2 years and this can only help me in the future.


What’s you’re favourite meal?

Haha this is going to sound bad, I feel like I should be putting something like pizza or KFC but I love nothing more then oats, whey protein, banana and almond butter. I would happily eat this all day if I could.


What goals do you have in the future?

I see myself in the fitness model industry for a long time. I have huge ambitions of achieving my WBFF Pro Card and have my first WBFF show in November. In terms of my business i want to inspire people to change there body’s and I would one day love to coach athletes to step on stage.


One piece of advice you could give to someone embarking on a diet?

If you really want to achieve your goal you will do it, it’s that simple!!!