Case Study

Izabela Matenka

Why is nutrition and training important to you?

I don’t think there is a need for me to explain about benefits of a healthy life style, I simply like to feel good in my own body, and a healthy body equals a happy soul!


The biggest struggle you have with your training and nutrition?

I used to find it hard to go to gym after 12h work shift when all I could think of was chilling out on the sofa! However after a few months of regular exercise my energy level has increased and it has become easier, also seeing the results of my hard work keeps me going. Now I can’t want to go to the gym after work!


How has the nutrition coaching benefitted your results?

It has helped me to understand which foods are most beneficial for my body to help it repair its muscle tissue after training, replace lost minerals and stay healthy in general. Now I feel that I have full control over my body and understanding in regards to what I should put in it.


What’s you’re favourite meal?

Pancakes above all!!


What goals do you have in the future?

Apart of obvious staying fit , healthy and strong I would like to take a part in Miami Pro or similar fitness competition.


One piece of advice you could give to someone embarking on a diet?

I would say the most important thing is not to give up when you’re tired and feel like you can’t be bothered. You will pass this stage quickly and will be very proud of yourself and happy with the results of your hard work, then it all will become worth it!