Andrew John Scraggs BSc Dip.ISSN, CISSN

After graduating from University with my BSc Sports Studies degree back in 2004 I was not exactly the epitome of health. 3 Years of a diet based largely around cider and kebabs will do that to a man!   I was a mess. I thought I’d be able to exercise away the excess pounds but my level of fitness was truly shocking. I needed another plan; so I focused on the diet. There was nothing fancy about this nutrition intervention. I decided to eat 1500kcal a day, everyday for 4 months. I lost 3 stone – great! I looked kind of skinny – bad!

It was at this point I discovered the gym, and I LOVED it! So much so that I decided a career in the fitness industry was for me.

10+ years later with a lot less body fat and significantly more muscle mass I’ve dedicated my time and energy into building my knowledge base in all aspects of nutrition and training.

I’ve made so many mistakes along the way it’s untrue. A few examples below:

  • Overly restricted with food
  • Overtraining in the gym (‘beasting’ myself 6 x week)
  • Obsessing over ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods
  • Binge eating when not on a diet
  • Following a typical ‘bro-split’ training plan
  • Refusing to eat out at restaurants while dieting

Make the Diet work for YOU

The photos on this page are examples of what can be achieved with a consistent, balanced approach – no fad diets.

I tracked calories using MyFitnessPal – I know what you’re thinking:

“Calorie counting, no thanks!”

But here’s the thing – if you know how much you’re consuming you can incorporate the foods you enjoy and still drop body fat.

In my case that meant:

  • Eating pizza
  • Drinking red wine
  • Enjoying Ice cream (daily)

You don’t HAVE to include these foods…but it’s nice to have the option right?

You don’t get extra ‘diet points’ for excluding food groups. The more you enjoy your food the more likely you are to stick to the diet, this leads to the ‘C’ word…


The best diet is the one that gets you to your goal, that you can follow consistently. The ‘perfect diet’ on paper becomes useless if you can’t stick to it – like having a brand new Ferrari….but you haven’t passed you driving test – useless!

Make the Training work for YOU

I used to smash myself in the gym 6 x week. A couple of issues with this approach:

  • Injury / Niggles – going hard for a couple of weeks is doable but after a couple of months everything aches…all the time! It’s almost impossible to go into a session fresh, putting you at greater risk of injury and not giving those irritating niggles a chance to heal. Performance inevitable suffers.
  • Time – committing to 6 gym visits a week requires a flexible diary. It’s by no means impossible but the moment you’re away for the weekend, have friends to stay etc it can become problematic. If you have a life outside the gym it WILL be affected.
  • Enthusiasm / Motivation – this is the big one for me. Trying to fit in 6 sessions around my social life while simultaneously feeling beat up from the training isn’t much fun. I found myself dreading the gym instead of looking forward to it…something had to change.

Switching my training to 3-4 x week is personally one of the best things I’ve ever done. A few benefits:

  • Session quality – I’m lifting more and pushing harder
  • Recovery – I’m going into sessions fresh with niggles having a chance to repair (and not manifesting into a full-blown injury
  • Motivation – I can’t wait to get to the gym and lift! I finish each session feeling energised like I’ve achieved something – this is what training is all about for me!

Make EVERYTHING work for YOU

We know that losing fat requires a calorie deficit.
We know lifting weights preserves muscle.
We know cardiovascular exercise is great for overall health.

When you combine a calorie deficit, weight training and cardio you’ll create a lean, toned, athletic physique.

How you go about that is entirely up to you.

My skill is listening to a client and creating an individualised plan of action.

A plan that gets results while taking into account food preferences, training requirements and lifestyle as a whole.

Put yourself first – make the diet and training work for you.

If you’d like to get lean for a photo-shoot, lean for the beach, or just lean for the hell of it I’d love to help.

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